Most of the Music You Hear Sucks and Here’s Why

Hello hello!

It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon. Lately, I’ve been busier than ever. I was sick for a week and ever since I’ve been trying to catch up with my schedule. Finding a right balance between work and full-time studies is never easy. Hopefully, in the upcoming weeks, I’ll see some spare time to write a life update and share some cool tools. Now, here’s what we should talk about today.

If you’re one of those people, who, at some point in life has developed a taste for particular music genre or style, you’re awesome. Also, you’ve probably noticed that most of the POP or radio music SUCKS. In contrast, if you’re a fan of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande or any other pop “goddess,” your music taste might be a bit boring. In fact, chances are you’ve never dug deep into the depths of Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes to look for the right music for your soul.

There’s nothing wrong with liking any these artists. Perhaps, you just don’t know any better. And eventually, everything comes down to taste – likes, preference, convenience – it’s all very subjective.

However, recent research has shown that modern music truly SUCKS, and I couldn’t be happier to hear it. In fact, a lot of people can feel a relief – our suspicions have been confirmed! Everything from its composition, elements, loudness, timbre and even promotion is simply a result of low-quality design.

Maybe it wasn’t a huge secret for you, but spreading awareness about pop brainwashing machine is important. If we want to listen and enjoy more quality music in the future, have our own “Beatles” and please your brain with rich and harmonious sounds, it’s necessary to spread the awareness. If you read everything until here, you’re awesome, and you’re also enlightened now. Make it count. 😉

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