Grand Opening of the Website

Finally, after the several months of combined effort and procrastination, I’ve managed to launch my blog online. Hello, world!


I have to admit; I thought it would be easier. At first, I wanted to settle with a simple site layout, but as soon as I saw the abilities and opportunities of contemporary websites, I couldn’t help myself but want more.


It is my first site, so there were and still are plenty of things to learn. For those, who are interested, it is based on Kalium theme, and, as you can see, it is a real gem. It really made my life easier.


Another reason is that I thought it would be simpler to study and write articles here and elsewhere at the same time. Regular modules at Stenden are really writing-intense, but that’s why I like it. But I will be able to produce much more content during the summer.


Finally, this is my first web adventure and it is in constant progress. Maybe the logo looks a crampy (but also it is with QR) and there are some other flaws but for now, it serves me. And hey, I have my own logo!


Also, I am looking forward to adding more functions, which will make this web experience even better. Essentially, this is the place where my thoughts, articles and other interesting information will be shared. So, I am looking forward to having you onboard during this experience. As the slogan says, every journey starts with a single step, so here is mine.


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