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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrecies Explained in Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Explaining Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be difficult, and I was surprised seeing mass media stepping up and doing the work. Most mass media outlets lean towards negative “scam/bubble” narrative when it comes to crypto. At least that was the case until now and the latest episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”.


Most of the cryptocurrency discussions, especially the ones regarding their value as a means of investing, divide people into two polar opposite camps. One claims that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are something that will only go up in value as the time goes and technology advances and the other states that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are worthless and investing in it is a pure gamble.


However, just as life isn’t simply black and white, and neither is crypto. It’s quite rare to find some content with a realistic and down-to-earth overview of the situation.


That’s why I was quite surprised to see John Oliver taking a level-headed approach towards the situation and educating masses in a simple, relatable and funny way. I’m simply not used to finding some smart and insightful content on blockchain¬†in the mass media.


His late-night show “Last week with John Oliver” did a good job (not great, but way better than most of the mass media outlets) evaluating the situation from both sides, making some well-deserved jokes and creating a quality show for everyone to watch. It’s not perfect, but I’m sure everyone interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can enjoy it.



See it for yourself and let me know what you think. Cheers.


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