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7 Day Meditation Challenge with MeditateBot

Recently, I was challenged to do a 7-day meditation a bot.
Mediate bot
How a messenger bot challenged me to meditate daily.


Now here are several things I want to emphasize before you read further.


  1. Several months ago I was exploring Messenger bots. I’ve subscribed to many of them, but I didn’t find them of much use at the time. With some of them, you can get the news delivered directly to your phone via Messenger. However, that is not necessary and it can be more annoying than helpful.
  2. Personally, I believe that bots are going to be big.  You can apply them in numerous ways already, such as basic customer service,  guidance, one-on-one advertising, service automation, to name a few.  The fact is that they are only going to improve.
  3. It was my first bot experience, which was very pleasant. Most of the time interaction with services and products leaves you feeling like they need you more than you need them. But this was vice versa.
  4. Note that I don’t have any affiliation with The Mindful Tech Lab. I don’t make money promoting them; this is my unbiased review/opinion of the product/challenge. That is what earned media does.


As you may already know, meditation has many benefits, such as increased concentration, immunity to distractions, self-awareness, better productivity, more happiness and many more. Therefore, I like MeditateBot, as it encourages people to focus on themselves and become more self-aware. It is something that we lack in the current attention economy. So, if you have even a slight interest in meditation, this is your chance to experience it.


You can easily access 7-day meditation challenge by MeditateBot by clicking on one of these links.





The challenge is designed to establish the basics of meditation: mindfulness, concentration and loving kindness. Every session is guided, so all you need to do is just sit back, relax and follow the instructions.


Each session takes less than 12 minutes. Of course, it is better to schedule these activities in advance, but if you forget it, MeditateBot also sends you daily reminders to meditate and complete the challenge. If you’re not fascinated by them, it is always possible to easily turn them off.



Let’s quickly glance through daily activities and themes you’ll learn.


Day 1 – Breathing meditation to concentrate the mind.

Day 2 – Mindfulness exercise “Noting”.

Day 3 – Paying attention through a guided body scan.

Day 4 – Returning to the present.

Day 5 – Stillness and non-doing.

Day 6 – Patience.

Day 7 – Everything + Awareness.


For me, this challenge passed very quickly. I’ve tried using it during various times of the day. In the morning, it didn’t work that well, because my mind was racing most of the time. However, during afternoons and evenings, it went much better, and I could immediately feel my mood improving.


These seven days are an excellent introduction to regular meditation. If you don’t like the functionality of the bot, you can also undertake the same challenge via Calm app. It is available on App Store and Google Play.


If you like the concepts of bots or calm technology, make sure to check out some other bots that serve to improve your daily life.



A complete list of available Messenger bots (and others!) can be found here.

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